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Its been a time between posts.

Its been a long time in between posts, it’s been a crazy year.  I finished this baby quilt a few weeks ago now.  These tiny triangles are the left over corners of my lantern quilt.  I have kept them by my machine and have been using them as leader and enders. All the patterned fabric is Japanese lawn. This quilt is for a gift for a friend. The quilting is a modern lollipop.P1030321


Flannel bunny backing


Floral Japanese lawn binding


Lollipop quilting


Working through the UFO’s

This quilt top was made from 1930’s reproduction fabric. The block is a large double X block.  The top was pieced about 8 years ago and has been waiting patiently in a box to be quilted. The large rounded daisy compliments the 1930’s fabric. I have made a promise to myself not to start any more quilting until I have completed some UFO’s.  This one was relatively easy as it was already fully pieced.  There are numerous others that need the piecing completed .Numerous being the operative word, all you quilters will understand that statement. One UFO down, a lot to go!

1930's Reproduction fabric

1930’s Reproduction fabric

Binding for Isobel's 1930's Repro quilt

Binding for Isobel’s 1930’s Repro quilt

1930's Repro fabric Double X block quilt

1930’s Repro fabric Double X block quilt

Double X Block quilt in 1930's Repro

Double X Block quilt in 1930’s Repro

1930's Repro fabric quilt. Double X block

1930’s Repro fabric quilt. Double X block

1930's repro fabric, double X block

1930’s repro fabric, double X block

Daisy quilting

Daisy quilting

Daisy quilting

1930’s Repro fabric double X quilt block

Loose lips sink ships


This gorgeous piece of vintage ship fabric is high on my favourite list in my ever expanding vintage textile collection.  The selvage had the name ‘Hastings’ inked on it. I did a water style edge-to-edge quilting pattern on it. In the fabrics previous life it was a curtain and is still in perfect condition.  Hastings now lives on the spare room bed.

Loose Lips sinks ships

Quilted up-cycled vintage ship fabric

Hastings vintage ships up-cycled fabric

Quilted, Vintage ships fabric

Cushion Love

I finished these modern patchwork cushions a couple of weeks ago.  They are made from low volume & 1930’s reproduction fabrics, leaders and enders. I uses a 5 ply DMC thread for the hand stitching around the blocks to give it some definition. These cushions are a great way to use up your scraps from other quilts.


Modern patchwork cushions

Modern patchwork cushions

Vintage Barkcloth. Racing car print

My obsession with Vintage Barkcloth continues.

I acquired this fabulous vintage curtain on one of my recent oversea’s travels.

I soon as I clapped eyes on it,  it screamed ‘Dad’ at me. He has a car just like one of these.  So guess who is getting this for Fathers Day?

Vintage Barkcloth

Vintage Barkcloth

I just love the racing car print on it. I quilted a modern line with circles across it.


Vintage Barkcloth - curtain

Vintage Barkcloth

The quilting is a bit of fun goes perfectly with the rally cars.

Vintage Barkcloth - curtain

Vintage Barkcloth. Racing car print

Vintage Barkcloth - curtain

Vintage Barkcloth