The Loose Box last supper

Sadly yesterday was the last lunch at The Loose Box in Mundaring as they are closing their doors after 34 years of service.  At out table of 10 we enjoyed reminiscing over the meals gone by and the pleasure we had at the Box from as far back as when they started in the small premises in Stoneville.  The end of an era.  Good luck to Lizzy & Al on their new ventures in life.  One door closes, another opens.

The last supper at The Loose Box

The last supper at The Loose Box


2 thoughts on “The Loose Box last supper

  1. CC what a beautiful photo of you all. The Box was the first restaurant that your gorgeous family invited me too. Oh a fantastic initiation into good food and fabulous company xx

  2. Hello darling, it was a beautiful day, fab food, wine and fantastic company, sitting with the family brought back many happy memories. Good to finally meet Joe!! Your page is so good! How cleaver you are. The quilts look amazing! Hopefully coming back before Xmas, but definately back in March. Will stay in touch.XX

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