For the love of Barkcloth

My addiction to Vintage textiles lives on yet another day. I had been saving (my husband calls it hoarding), this beautiful piece of Barkcloth for about 7-8 years.  I couldn’t decide what it’s next form in life was going to be until I settled with the idea that it needed to be a quilt.  I had considered making it into a bolero jacket but decided the 80’s crop wasn’t it’s fit. As barkcloth is quite thick it wasn’t practical to cut it up and sew it back together so I simply put a border on it and quilted it (have Gammill, will quilt). In it’s last life it was a curtain.  I still have the other length but it has a small hole in it and the condition is not nearly as good as this piece.

Barkcloth gets its name from a primitive fabric which is made from the fibers of tree bark found in tropical and subtropical countries. The colourful era for this textile was the 1940’s-1950’s.  These are my favourite years for delectable textile, the designs are fabulous. The texture is thicker and is suitable for soft furnishing such as curtains & cushions.  If Granny has any of this sensational textile hidden in the back of her cupboard, offer to off load it in my direction for a whole lot of new love…… *wink*.

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