Vintage Barkcloth. Racing car print

My obsession with Vintage Barkcloth continues.

I acquired this fabulous vintage curtain on one of my recent oversea’s travels.

I soon as I clapped eyes on it,  it screamed ‘Dad’ at me. He has a car just like one of these.  So guess who is getting this for Fathers Day?

Vintage Barkcloth

Vintage Barkcloth

I just love the racing car print on it. I quilted a modern line with circles across it.


Vintage Barkcloth - curtain

Vintage Barkcloth

The quilting is a bit of fun goes perfectly with the rally cars.

Vintage Barkcloth - curtain

Vintage Barkcloth. Racing car print

Vintage Barkcloth - curtain

Vintage Barkcloth


4 thoughts on “Vintage Barkcloth. Racing car print

  1. Wonderful – certainly a stunning piece of fabric and in top condition. I am sure Father will love it. Quilting just enough to add a little bit of interest without overwhelming! Hugs – Lurline xx

  2. Hello. I found you on the Hand Embroidery Library Facebook page. I love this project. I notice how you use curtain panels for quilts. I would never have thought of that myself. Do you do your quilting with a needle and thread in hand, sewing machine, or long arm?

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