Finished in the Nick of time

I started this quilt as a gift for my Mother in Law’s 70th Birthday last year.  It’s nearly a year late!




I finished it a few days ago and the pressure has been on as we fly out to Ireland tomorrw to visit her!

Just in the Nick of time! Phew….

P1020476 P1020474

The pattern is called Flower Girl by Camille Roskelley from the Fat Quarter Shop.

I was attracted to the large square in the middle as I thought it would show case the gorgeous Tilda prints.

The green spot for the leaves is also used on the binding and frames the quilt.

The white on white spot fabric used for the sashing brings a fresh crispness to the quilt.



All the fabrics are from the Tilda range except the white.



The quilting pattern is an E2E of hydrangea’s. I had intended to custom quilt it but leaving myself ridiculously short of time to complete it, this was not an option in the end.



I acquired this cross stitched vintage doily from an op shop and used it for the label.

I hope she likes it!





Modern Quilt top WIP – Kona solids

I’ve been having some fun piecing this Modern Quilt top with Kona Solids.  I’ve decided not to quilt it until I get back from the US in February.  So it is yet another WIP.  It went together fairly quickly, I had it all pieced in two days.  The pattern is from the magazine called Quilty, issue 7

Modern Quilt top WIP.  Kona Solids

Modern Quilt top WIP. Kona Solids


It’s no secret…

Well, well, well……It’s not secret that I love Vintage Barkcloth.  I’ve resurrected this treasure, that has no doubt been tucked up the back of someone’s cupboard for the past 70 years. I’ve quilted it with a simple leaf pattern.  Pictures don’t do this fabulous textile justice. Would you just look at the texture in this little beauty – I love you Barkcloth! I could just eat you all up, Nom, Nom, Nom…..

Vintage Barkcloth fabric

Vintage Barkcloth fabric

Vintage Barkcloth centre fabric

Vintage Barkcloth centre fabric

P1020216 P1020215

For the love of Barkcloth

My addiction to Vintage textiles lives on yet another day. I had been saving (my husband calls it hoarding), this beautiful piece of Barkcloth for about 7-8 years.  I couldn’t decide what it’s next form in life was going to be until I settled with the idea that it needed to be a quilt.  I had considered making it into a bolero jacket but decided the 80’s crop wasn’t it’s fit. As barkcloth is quite thick it wasn’t practical to cut it up and sew it back together so I simply put a border on it and quilted it (have Gammill, will quilt). In it’s last life it was a curtain.  I still have the other length but it has a small hole in it and the condition is not nearly as good as this piece.

Barkcloth gets its name from a primitive fabric which is made from the fibers of tree bark found in tropical and subtropical countries. The colourful era for this textile was the 1940’s-1950’s.  These are my favourite years for delectable textile, the designs are fabulous. The texture is thicker and is suitable for soft furnishing such as curtains & cushions.  If Granny has any of this sensational textile hidden in the back of her cupboard, offer to off load it in my direction for a whole lot of new love…… *wink*.

P1020123 P1020125 P1020126

Vintage fabric stash

I’ve been fooling around with my Vintage fabric stash this week. I didn’t really want to cut some of these old beauties as I thought they were too nice to cut. I decided on the large nestled cross to showcase some of the old patterns.  It went together fairly quickly because of the size of the crosses. The quilting pattern is bouquet rose. This quilt may very well end up as a Kris Kindle gift…..any takers 🙂


P1010871 P1010869 P1010868 P1010872 P1010873