Preparing your quilt

Quilt preparation for Long Arm machine quilting.

There are several things you need to do before you send your quilt off to be quilted. This will ensure you get the best possible end result to your quilt.

  1. Ensure that there are no open seams in your piece work,
  2. Check that your completed top lies flat and without tucks or areas which balloon out as these can’t always be quilted out. You must have straight edges on at least two sides of the quilt,
  3. Ensure there are no embellishments on your top quilt as these will break the quilting machine needles,
  4. Press the completed top thoroughly, ensuring that the seams don’t flip from one side to the other half-way along. All your seams should be pressed as flat as possible,
  5. Ensure there are no open seams as the machine can get caught and damage the quilt top,
  6. Carefully trim any threads which come through the seams to the front of the quilt, if left they can get permanently caught in the quilting stitches,
  7. Trim loose threads and fraying from the back of the quilt,
  8. Make sure that the backing and wadding are at least 5 inches wider on all four sizes of the completed quilt top, and
  9. When joining your backing fabric, ensure you trim off the selvages and press the seam open.

One thought on “Preparing your quilt

  1. I think I’ve been a bit remiss with my presentations. Will endeavour to do better in future – will access this page every time I finish a quilt before I despatch it to you

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